Friday, July 29, 2016

Corporation elections? What a great idea!

Actually, it felt so good posting my previous rant that I have decided to keep on ranting, and make this my "Rant Blog." But this time, I think I've hit on something that is a great idea.

Why don't we hold an election for the corporations that are governing our country anyway? That way, I bet during their campaigns, these corporations will come up with some fabulous incentives to get votes. The corporations could run against each other for offices in a fourth branch of the government. Forget about the extraneous persons like the president and congress, and we can cut right to the chase to get things accomplished. Why, we could even have lobbyists who would lobby the corporations for concessions!

Here's the thing: we have a hidden third party anyway in government made up of these corporations, so I think we should bring them all out in the open and give them a party name. How about CONGLOMERATICS? This provides us with a true picture of the political scene: Democratics, Republicans, and Conglomeratics. The name might be a little hard to pronounce but hey, it reflects how complicated this party is. The Conglomeratics overshadow the other two parties in what might be termed as an umbrella effect or looking at it more realistically, the wind beneath our wings.

Much of the legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President would begin in the new fourth branch of the government. No change required in that. There could be a back room in the Capitol building for this branch because there would be no need for transparency. Of course, nobody is going to visit this branch of the government, silly rabbit! For the sake of reference, let's temporarily call this branch, the Private Sector.

Now, let's look at the beauty of this innovative idea. Imagine, if you will, what kind of promises the Conglomeratics might offer to induce us to vote for them. For instance, take the Cotton Corporations. What if they would promise to stop hindering the cultivation of hemp in the United States? Wow, what a benefit to us and the world! You can make all kinds of products out of hemp, it's sustainable and grows in scrub soil. I've even seen a recommendation from someone to plant hemp in the Fukushima nuclear exclusion zone to help that mess. I'd vote for the Cotton Corporation with a promise like that.

Along the same lines, how about Big Pharma? They could promise to release the cure for cancer and get their foot off the breaks with medical marijuana. They could place one call to the Food and Drug Administration and get this fast tracked in no time. I would vote for Big Pharma with a promise like that.

I could go on and on and provide possibilities of just what this would mean for us in benefits. But you get the idea. Once their campaigns get up and running, the Conglomeratics will probably come up with some doozies for perks. It will blow our minds on what they could really promise. Plus, with as much money as they make, for instance $320 for one prescription, they could completely fund their campaigns, saving us a ton of tax money.

I'm not sure at this time how many candidates in the Conglomeratics party we would need to have in nomination. Of course, right now all of them have their fingers in government, but to be fair to the Citizens of the United States, do we need to have a proper primary so a ballot could be generated for the primary winners? But that gets to be problematic. I'm sure they could buy Super Delegates which would be more like Hyper Super Delegates, and voting by citizens would just be redundant and not matter at all.

I think we could just nominate all of them and let the popular vote determine who wins the election. Of course, there will be losers. How do we get the Conglomeratic losers out of the government system after the election? And also, what about those winners whose terms are completed? How will we know they are gone? Hmmm . . . that is a problem. So far, nobody has accomplished this even after Democratic and Republican elections.

As you can see, there are a few clinkers that need to be worked out in this plan. But for the sake of us all, we have to work with the Conglomeratics. And I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Congratulations, Conglomeratics! (Cue the music, "I've done it My Way," by Frank Sinatra)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Election history or just another episode in the mystery

I tend not to discuss politics as this can be one of the most divisive things among friends and family. However, I feel the urge to share my feelings in this blog alone. Nobody will probably even find it in the sea of blogs online, but if you have happened to land here, get ready for my rant.

I was a Bernie Sanders supporter. He was a breath of fresh air in the toxic fumes of political corruption. But we have to ask ourselves, what is a true reformer? Let's picture this for a brief moment: Dr. Martin Luther King standing up and endorsing a member of the Klu Klux Klan for president. THAT WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED! He was a true reformer and died for what he believed.

Picture Braveheart standing up and moving to rescind the rules so those controlling Scotland would be in power by acclamation. THAT WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED! He was a true reformer and fought to the death for what he believed in.

One more for good measure. Picture Mahatma Gandhi sitting down to a triple deluxe, all the way hamburger combo, with fries, a Coke, and a large Frosty with the establishment in India. THAT WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. He was a true reformer and just look what he did when he stuck it out.

Well, I'm sorry but feeling the Bern just became much like the last sparkler on the 4th of July. Not only did Bernie move over into the Clinton camp, but the icing on the cake was when he moved to rescind the rules.

Haven't we had enough rescinding of the rules for the Clinton's already? The majority of the people in the United States know that there are a shady bunch of people behind the curtain and perhaps hidden in plain sight who are running this country into the ground and the rules don't apply to them. Have we lost our grit somehow in standing up and saying we are fed up with what they do right under our noses but just intend for us to go about our business of life anyway? Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, Dorothy. You have to get to work and get more hours in at minimum wage in order to raise your kids.

Now, here's something that is truly hilarious. The United States sends election monitors to emerging nations to observe and keep their elections from being corrupted.

(Rolling on the floor laughing.)

I suggest we get some election monitors from Nigeria, Afghanistan, or some other third world country to come in here and at least step our elections up a notch.

Who else can we find that will help the American people? The FBI isn't going to do it. The CIA isn't going to do it. Seems those folks have lost the plot of law and order. I'm rooting for Wikileaks to tell us what is going on. And c'mon Anonymous! Get in there and find out who these shady individuals are and what they are up to with our tax money. Especially find out where trillions of dollars are going that is unaccounted for. We could use that money for cancer research, infrastructure upgrades, and getting students and their families out of student loan debt. How innovative is that?

So, who am I going to vote for? The way I see it there are just two choices: Jill Stein and Donald Trump. I will never place a vote in the ballot box for the queen of corporatocracy. I remember when we had Trickie Dicky, now we have Slippery Hillary.

And just so you'll know, I intend to rig the comments on this post. I will only allow comments to show that completely agree with me. Isn't that the new American Way? 

Have a nice day.